Software Assessment, Auditing & Maintenance

Consulting & Support

We provide software auditing, consulting, support and maintenance services. Our consultants can provide expert evaluation and insights into your software to identify opportunities for improving its effectiveness and efficiency.

Our extensive experience with a range of organizations and systems allows us to identify architectures and technologies which are best suited to a particular situation and provide the greatest flexibility, robustness and scalability. Unfortunately, not all software has been designed according to best practices. We can examine the architecture of your current software and identify designs which are more likely to fail, or experience reliability, performance or maintenance problems. We can also identify areas for improvement and opportunities to improve the quality, reliability and scalability of your software.

All software requires regular maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate effectively and continues to meet your organization's requirements. In many cases, periodic updates and enhancements will be required to ensure ongoing compatibility with newer platforms and technologies, and to meet new business requirements.

Many organizations also rely on legacy apps, which use technologies that are no longer current or supported. These apps can pose significant support and security risks. We can identify options for modernization and migration to current technologies and platforms, allowing you to be more agile, efficient and secure. In some cases, custom apps may be able to be replaced with customized off-the-shelf apps or software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms.

Software Auditing & Review

Audit & review of existing software and IT infrastructure, to find areas needing improvement, enabling you to realize the full benefits of software investments.

Software Maintenance

Updating or upgrading of applications to meet changing business and technology requirements, ensuring that your software continues to operate effectively.

Application Modernization

Conversion, porting or re-engineering of legacy custom software applications to modern platforms and technologies, enabling your business to realize the benefits of the cloud and be more agile, efficient and secure.

Support & Consulting

Software and IT systems architecture, infrastructure and network design, upgrades, migration, interoperability and troubleshooting services.